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TechNote 10007: Creating and using a topic style with content

A topic style is a set of characteristics that you use to control the appearance of a topic.   Topic styles include properties for colors, margins, background images and Cascading Style Sheets, plus more.  Topic styles can also contain HTML content, which can be inherited by any topic when you apply the style, called Topic Style content.

Thus, by using topic styles, you can create a standard layout across your project.

To create a topic style

A topic style must first be created before you can create content associated with it.

  1. In the Project Manager, go to the Topic Styles tab.
  2. Select the Normal topic style.
  3. Select the Insert | Child Topic Style menu command which will create a new topic style as a child of the currently selected style.  The new child inherits all the settings of its parent.
  4. In the edit box that is displayed, type the name you wish to apply to the topic style.

To create content associated with the topic style

Before content can be used by child topics you should create an editable region, which allows each topic using the topic style to specify its own content, specific to that topic.

  1. Double click on the new topic style.
  2. Add any content you wish to be consistent across all topics using this style.
  3. Click in the area where each topic will have their own content. 
  4. Select Format | Editable Regions | New.
  5. Type the unique name to apply to this new editable region.
  6. Click OK.

To apply the topic style to a topic

  1. Go to the Project Manager, Contents tab.
  2. Select the topic you wish to apply the topic style to.
  3. Select Project | Properties.
  4. Select the Style tab.
  5. Select the new topic style.

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