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Olson Software have created Technotes to answer commonly asked questions.  If you can't find answers to your questions here, or in the on-line help file, please e-mail us.

Technote 10002 - Removing underlines from links
Technote 10004 - Changing link hover settings
Cascading Style Sheets
TechNote 10001 - Creating a Style Sheet
Technote 10003: Opening a Style Sheet
TechNote 10000: Setting default font and font size for a project
Technote 10005: Introduction to cleaning HTML code
Technote 10006: Using clean to change all links to a specific window
Topic Styles
TechNote 10007: Creating and using a topic style with content
TechNote 10008: Creating a header across many topics using topic style content
TechNote 10010: How WinHelp RTF content is converted
HTML Help issues
TechNote 10009: HTML Help files will not open across the network
TechNote 10011: WinHelp is dead!

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