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Upgrading from ForeHelp

Download the HyperText Studio now and evaluate it for yourself!

ForeHelp users have found the best tool to upgrade to is the Hypertext Studio.  It includes so many time saving features and can import and convert much of the existing ForeHelp content.

Why shift to the HyperText Studio?

There are so many reasons to move to the HyperText Studio.  We have listed a few here:

  • Store HTML files externally. The HyperText Studio allows you to store your HTML content outside of the database meaning you can edit them our
  • WYSIWYG expanding regions.  Many website and help files now include areas of a page that expand when you click a link. Creating these expanding regions has been very difficult and required a knowledge of scripting. However, in HyperText Studio 5.0 this all changes. Our new expanding regions feature gives you totally WYSIWYG editing of these regions, meaning no more guesswork about how your page is going to look.
  • Predictive Linking. When you create a link the Hypertext Studio will try to find any topics with the same name as the selected text.  If one is found, it is selected for you, saving a massive amount of time. 
  • Ease of use.  HyperText Studio is focused on making help authoring more efficient and more fun.  Because time wasted working around a tool's limitations is money wasted, Olson Software have ensured that HyperText Studio includes all the kind of timesaving functionality you are used to in your word processor.  This includes AutoCorrect, keyboard shortcuts to change case, format painter and table drawing tools.
  • Expanding region links.  If you want to reuse content in multiple expanding regions, HyperText Studio makes this very easy with two window types, expanding block and expanding inline. HyperText Studio will automatically convert links to these windows into expanding regions when your project is built.
  • Clean code. HyperText Studio does not create unnecessary HTML code.  This creates significantly reduced file sizes and makes code editing much easier. 
  • No Code Changing.  Unlike ForeHelp, HyperText Studio will not rewrite your HTML or CSS code.
  • Source editor. The color-coded HTML source code editing technology in the HyperText Studio takes editing your code to a new level.  As you add tags or attributes into the editor the HyperText Studio will help you by providing drop-down lists to help with your selection!  On-the-fly spell checking within the HTML source code editor makes it easy to ensure your topics are free of spelling errors!
  • Button Styles. Using cascading stylesheets all your buttons (see also links etc...) can automatically use the same consistent font and colors.
  • Topic Styles.  Using topic styles, you can define content that can be used as the basis of other pages within a project. When using a topic style, authors can add content to only specific areas of a page, leaving common elements, such as navigation bars the same on all pages. Changing the original style will then change all pages that use the style!  In addition, properties such as keywords can also be applied to topic styles, giving you consistency in every area of your project.

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