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Select the edition you wish to purchase.  Examine our Edition Comparison chart to decide which is the right edition for you.

All prices are for electronic delivery only.  If you wish the product to be delivered to you on CD, add a further $20US to the purchase price.

All product prices are on a per computer basis, and cannot be simultaneously used by multiple people without the appropriate licensing.

Product Price ($US) Price ($US) including CD
HyperText Studio (Web Edition) $49.99 $69.99
HyperText Studio (Professional Edition) $199 $99 $119
HyperText Studio (Team Edition) $499 $199 $219
HyperText Studio (Team Edition) - 5 user pack $1999 $900 $920
HyperText Studio (Team Edition) - 10 user pack $3499 $1800 $1820

If you need a different number of licences of the team edition, please contact us to arrange it.

How to Order

Purchasing the HyperText Studio is very easy.  There are three ways to order:

  • Directly within the product
    If you have downloaded the product, you can click the Purchase button on the startup dialog to be led through a wizard to securely purchase on-line.
  • Online
    Use our on-line ordering service to purchase the software through a secure server. Click on a link above to purchase. When your purchase has been authorized we will e-mail you a product key which you can plug into the product to get started using the product right away. In addition, you can have the product shipped to you on CD for an extra $20US. The listed price will be added to your credit card bill and your package will be shipped to you.
  • Through a reseller
    Purchase through a local reseller who can provide you with specific advice on your purchase.
    To order from a reseller: Print and fill out the Order Form and fax or mail it to Olson Software or your local reseller. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or via Cheque.

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