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This page contains a number of video demonstrations of the new features.

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RoboHelp Import

HyperText Studio can import any RoboHelp XPJ Project file with nearly all RoboHelp functionality intact. Full details are available on our Upgrading from RoboHelp page.

WYSIWYG expanding regions

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Many website and help files now include areas of a page that expand when you click a link. Creating these expanding regions has been very difficult and required a knowledge of scripting. However, in HyperText Studio 5.0 this all changes. Our new expanding regions feature gives you totally WYSIWYG editing of these regions, meaning no more guesswork about how your page is going to look.

In addition, the HyperText Studio allows you to specify an icon to be associated with your link, giving the viewers of your page a clear indication of the open or closed status of your drop-down region.

Links to expanding regions

If you want to reuse content in multiple expanding regions, HyperText Studio makes this very easy with two new window types, expanding block and expanding inline. HyperText Studio will automatically convert links to these windows into expanding regions when your project is built.

As with normal expanding links, you can specify an icon to be associated with each of the two window options.

Create Glossary Topic

The new Insert | Glossary Topic command, available in the contents tree is a fantastic new time saving feature. The glossary topic will automatically create a glossary based on all children of the glossary topic every time that you build. This means you never have to update your glossaries again.

Predictive Linking

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Creating links just got a whole lot easier with the Hypertext Studio's new predictive linking feature.  When you create a link the Hypertext Studio will try to find any topics with the same name as the selected text.  If one is found, it is selected for you, saving even more time.  If the selected text is an Internet link then the Internet link page is displayed with your content as the URL.

Topic status and sorting in topics list

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Each topic now has a status property, making it easy for you to see what still needs to be done.  The status of all topics can be viewed from the improved topics list and multiple topics can have their status changed in the topics list.  In addition, the new topic status page allows you to add a comment for each topic as well as some indications of the time spent on the topic.

Topics in topics list can now be sorted by title, filename and status.  This makes it very easy to view the status of your topics and which topics still have work to be done. Once again, saving development time.

Save Tree State

When you exit the Hypertext Studio, it stores the state of the all trees in the project manager.  When you reopen your project everything is restored including selected and expanded items.


The Hypertext Studio 5.0 allows you to insert Macromedia Flash content directly into the WYSIWYG editor.  This gives you all the referential integrity you have come to expect from HyperText Studio so when you change the filename or move the file around, all the links are changed.

New Filename Field and dialog.

Improvements have been made to the field system, so that you can now specify a format such as uppercase or lower case for your fields.  In addition in the new dialog you can add a new file name field type.

Crash Reporting

In the unlikely event that the application crashes, a new crash reporting dialogue displays that will allow you to send us the details of the crash so that we can provide the quickest possible fix.

Tab to rename file.

When editing a topic title in the tree, you can now tab to edit the file name, making it easier than ever to change content.

Title changes filename

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