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Key Features in 5.0
Professional and Enterprise Edition features

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Note: All features described in this page are only part of the Professional and Team Editions of the HyperText Studio.  The Professional Edition includes all Web Edition and all Help edition features in addition to the features listed below.

Additional Targets    
With more and more help files being delivered online, browser based help is becoming a necessity.  Olson Software's browser based help solution is called BrowserHelp.  Like all other help outputs it is just another target in the HyperText Studio.  It has all the features that you are familiar with in other help systems including Table of Contents, Index and Full Text Search.  

DHTML Popups    
In the Professional Edition, popups are now converted to DHTML popups for the HTML, BrowserHelp and HTML Help targets.    

Command Line Build and Backup    
For situations where you need to be able to build or backup your project, HyperText Studio has a command line interface.  This is very useful for situations like automated builds.    

Printed Document authoring    
The HyperText Studio can create a printed document in RTF format based on your project.  All links are removed, graphics are inserted and any print specific styles are applied.  The RTF file is suitable for display in a word processor such as Microsoft Word

In addition, if you have existing documentation, the HyperText Studio can import this for you as well!  See below for details.


Importing Printed Documentation    
Maintaining existing documentation is one of the most important parts of any authoring tool.  The HyperText Studio is no exception - its powerful import wizard allows you to import any of your existing documents!

Printed Documentation can be imported in RTF format and the HyperText Studio will create topics, links and an index based on the information in the RTF file!


Importing RoboHelp projects    
HyperText Studio can import any RoboHelp XPJ Project file with nearly all RoboHelp functionality intact. Full details are available on our Upgrading from RoboHelp page.  

Importing ForeHelp projects    
HyperText Studio can import and convert ForeHelp content.  Full details are available on our Upgrading from ForeHelp page.    

Multi-user Support   Note: All Multi-User features are part of the Team Edition only.
The newest edition to the HyperText Studio range is the Team Edition.  It includes all the functionality of the HyperText Studio Professional Edition and additionally allows multiple users to work on the same project at the same time!  This is a huge time saver for a team of writers working on a help or web project because it is no longer necessary to talk to each other to ensure that two people don't work on the project at the same time. It can also replace source control systems which don't integrate well with help authoring tools.

The HyperText Studio automatically ensures that users accessing the same part of the database wait until the first user requesting that information has finished. Changes to any of the project tress (e.g: Contents Tree) are automatically broadcast across the network so that each user is always looking at the correct version of the project or topic.

Because multiple users can be working on the project at the same time, the HyperText Studio includes functionality to allow users to check out a topic so that no one else can edit that topic while it is already being edited.  As soon as a change is made to a topic the HyperText Studio will ask you if you wish to check the topic out - only if the answer is yes will the requested change actually be made.

Topics can also be checked in or out at any time. If a topic that is checked out is opened by a user other than the one that has checked it out, it will be opened in read-only mode, allowing users to look at the topic but not change it. When the topic is checked back in, the topic (if open) will be updated with the changes made.

Use the new user administration tool to mange the users in your company!  With the user administration tool you can add and remove users as well as add and remove groups.  Users can belong to one or more groups, allowing them different levels of access to each HyperText Studio project (depending on settings in each project).    

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