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Key Features in 5.0

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Creating topics or pages is totally visual in the HyperText Studio's WYSIWYG editor. What you see in the editor is what you get when you view your completed content.

On-the-fly spell checking helps to ensure that all your work is free of spelling errors by providing a red wavy underline to indicate a word is misspelt.

Visual drag and drop editing makes it easy to design topics and insert links.  Multiple topic windows can be opened at the same time and creating links is as simple as drag and drop!

Advanced HTML features such as tables-within-tables, absolute positioning, cascading style sheets and forms are fully supported by the HyperText Studio.

HyperText Studio's unique predictive linking feature saves huge amounts of time by automatically selecting the most likely topic you wish to link to.

To complete your project extensive search and replace and spell checking features allow you to check not just one page - but the whole project!


WYSIWYG expanding regions

View a video of this feature

Many website and help files now include areas of a page that expand when you click a link. Creating these expanding regions has been very difficult and required a knowledge of scripting. However, in HyperText Studio 5.0 this all changes. Our new expanding regions feature gives you totally WYSIWYG editing of these regions, meaning no more guesswork about how your page is going to look.

In addition, the HyperText Studio allows you to specify an icon to be associated with your link, giving the viewers of your page a clear indication of the open or closed status of your drop-down region.


Creating graphic rollovers, where a graphic changes in a web page as you move over it is now very simple with the HyperText Studio. Simply insert your graphic and then use the rollover property page to select the graphic to display when the mouse moves over your graphic and the HyperText Studio does the rest!  

Topic Styles    
Using topic styles, you can define content that can be used as the basis of other pages within a project. When using a topic style, authors can add content to only specific areas of a page, leaving common elements, such as navigation bars the same on all pages. Changing the original style will then change all pages that use the style!  

HTML Code Editor    
The color-coded HTML source code editing technology in the HyperText Studio takes editing your code to a new level.  The attributes of each supported tag can easily be edited through the properties box interface.

In addition, as you add tags or attributes into the editor the HyperText Studio will help you by providing drop-down lists to help with your selection!  On-the-fly spell checking within the HTML source code editor makes it easy to ensure your topics are free of spelling errors!

You can customize the colors used within the HTML source code editor to make the editor work the way you want it to.


Clean Up HTML Code    
Over time code can become more messy, so the HyperText Studio makes it easy to reformat your code in a consistent manner at the click of a button!

In addition, you can clean existing content that comes in from Microsoft Word, removing undesired HTML markup. You can even define your own clean rules to add/remove or edit your own tags and attributes!


Cascading Style Sheets Editor    
Full support is available for the creation and management of styles based on the Cascading Style Sheets 2 specification, allowing you to more easily create and manage styles!  The HyperText Studio 3.0 included CSS support, and Version 4.0 expands this by allowing you to redefine any tag and supports many more CSS attributes, including support for different media types.

The new CSS editor in the HyperText Studio makes it easy to visually define style sheets or styles to be included in each topic.

In addition, if you wish to create a new style, you can simply define it in the WYSIWYG editor, type the new name into the styles drop down and the HyperText Studio will help you to add the new style to an existing style sheet, a new style sheet or directly into the page.  

Hotspot Editor    
Image Maps and Hotspots can be created very quickly with the excellent built in Hotspot Editor. To start creating areas in a topic double-click on it and you're ready to mark out the areas. Magnify your picture up to 1600% for greater accuracy than with any other tool on the market!

Drag and draw rectangles, ellipses, polygons and irregular areas. Resize or move hotspots to new locations. Switch on the grid and use the comprehensive alignment tools.  Specify the tab order to control the order users move through your hotspots with the keyboard!

Creating links couldn't be easier — just drag from the topic in the Contents tab to the hotspot — or right click to specify the attributes of the link.


Frame Editor    
WYSIWYG frame editing is a reality with the HyperText Studio.  At last, no more guessing about how your page will look!  You can even edit your topics within the frames editor.

Drag the sizing bars to visually resize a frame.  Split frames vertically and horizontally to easily create the page layout.

Assigning a topic to a frame couldn't be easier - just drag the topic into the frame and the HyperText Studio does the rest!

Preview how your frame topic will actually work within the HyperText Studio - links work the same as they will in the final site!


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