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Olson Software announces new version of help authoring tool

Palmerston North, New Zealand, March 31, 2006 -- Olson Software Ltd is very excited to announce the release of the HyperText Studio 5.0 authoring tool. The HyperText Studio is a WYSIWYG tool for creating Web Sites, Microsoft HTML Help files, WinHelp files, browser-based help and Print documentation. Different editions are available depending on your requirements, priced from $49.95US to $499 for the Team Edition which allows multiple users to work together on a single web site or help file.

An evaluation version is now available for free download from the Internet at http://www.olsonsoft.com/

Key product features:

Seamless RoboHelp import

Many RoboHelp users are looking for an alternative tool. HyperText Studio can import any RoboHelp XPJ Project file with nearly all RoboHelp functionality intact. Full details are available on our website at http://www.olsonsoft.com/upgrading_from_robohelp.htm.

Extensive HTML Support

The HyperText Studio 5.0 includes extensive support for HTML source code editing, including code completion. The HTML clean system allows you to batch edit existing HTML pages from other editors, such as Microsoft Front Page and Microsoft Word. The HyperText Studio 5.0 maintains your tags and attributes, ensuring the integrity of your data in both the WYSIWYG and HTML source code editors.

Topic Styles

Topic styles let you apply common content easily to multiple pages. When you make changes to the topic style's content, The HyperText Studio applies those changes automatically to all pages which use that topic style.

Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

The HyperText Studio provides industry standard editing features, including tables, AutoCorrect, on-the-fly spell checking (in multiple languages), and much more! The HyperText Studio includes a powerful Cascading Style Sheet editor, making it easy to create great looking Web sites.

Multi-User Support

Developing Help projects and Web sites in a team environment was very difficult before the advent of The HyperText Studio, Team Edition. With this new product, multiple users can work on the same Help project or Web site at one time by checking files out and then checking them back in again. This prevents users from modifying a file that someone else has open.

Founded in 1993, Olson Software Limited is a technological leader in the hypertext authoring market. Olson Software products are used by many of the world's largest organizations.

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Stefan Olson


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